第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑for Fin Tube Heat Exchanger - Procedure

鳍管热交换器的第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑是鳍管热交换器检查的样本程序or air-cooled heat exchangerbeplay体育官网电脑在制造商店进行检查。


Fin Tube Heat Exchanger Inspection


This content guides you through all the necessary stages in the production of the鳍管热交换器,包括原材料,最终检查,保存和包装以及派遣到现场。beplay体育官网电脑

您需要考虑这一点:本文是为典型的鳍管热交换器and might not be detailed for special cases.

This content may be useful for second party inspectors,鳍管热交换器manufacturer quality control personnel, engineering companies, and purchasers, as well.

All鳍管热交换器inspection and testing is done against the approved drawings, purchase order specifications, purchasers or company standards, and within the practices and rules of the country, state or province and any government decrees, laws, ordinance or regulation as may apply.

.The applicable codes and specifications for a鳍管热交换器that is under the construction process is:

  • 设计代码
  • 采购订单规格
  • 购买者的标准
  • Approved drawings

And the applicable codes and standard are:

  • ASME vIII Division 1 or 2
  • API 661
  • ASME v

The applicable codes and standard may be based other international standards, etc.该内容是一般的,如果设计代码与ASME和API代码不同,也可能有用。

Required Documents for Third Party Inspector Review:



This already explained in the Inspection and Test Plan for鳍管热交换器文章。

These are the list of documents which are normally agreed to be presented to the inspector:

  • Fin Tube Heat Exchanger Manufacture Quality Control Plan
  • 鳍管热交换器检查和测试计划beplay体育官网电脑
  • 鳍管热交换器数据表
  • Fin Tube Heat Exchanger Approved Drawings
  • 鳍管热交换器强度计算表
  • 鳍管热交换器材料测试报告
  • Fin Tube Heat Exchanger Test Data for Fans, Fan Motors, Gearboxes etc.
  • Fin Tube Heat Exchanger Welding Specification Procedures (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Records(PQR)
  • 鳍管热交换器焊接地图
  • 鳍管热交换器焊工资格报告
  • Fin Tube Heat Exchanger NDE procedures(Radiography,Ultrasonic,磁性粒子,Dye Penetration,etc.)
  • Fin Tube Heat Exchanger NDE Personnel Qualifications Reports
  • Fin Tube Heat Exchanger Heat Treatment Procedure
  • Fin Tube Heat Exchanger Calibration Certificates for Test Equipment
  • 鳍管热交换器静水测试程序和水质文件
  • 鳍管热交换器的准备和绘画程序
  • 鳍管热交换器保存,包装和运输程序
  • 鳍管热交换器包装清单

第三方检查鳍管热交换器 beplay体育官网电脑- 材料检查

The first actual inspection work on the鳍管热交换器是原材料检查。beplay体育官网电脑基于ASME代码,提供材料测试报告鳍管热交换器板是强制性的。对于其他组件,标记检查就足够了。beplay体育官网电脑


For more details, you may review the thePressure Vessel Plate文章。




  • Certificate No.
  • Heat or cast No.
  • Chemical composition.
  • Mechanical properties.
  • 热处理条件。
  • NDE应用并结果。

Then the inspector witnesses the plate material identification on the certificates against the plate marking. It is also necessary to check the identification with the鳍管热交换器drawing datasheet, material list and other specifications as appropriate.


Visual inspections for surface finish and probable defects are done and dimensional compliance with specification also needs to be controlled.

Structural support, pass partition, stiffener, plug, Louvre blade pivot pins, Louvre bearings,

钢百叶窗式叶片和帧、鳍、风机叶片,Plenums, fan decks, partitions, platforms and fan rings and Metal gasket materials are selected and inspected based of requirements of API 661 Clause 8.

当。。。的时候third party inspector carries out the material inspection, then provides the inspection visit report (IVR), the report contains the following items:

  • Confirmation of satisfactory document review
  • Record of the endorsement of certification reviewed/witnessed
  • Record of all non-conformities
  • Record of any tests witnessed and the result

鳍管热交换器的第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑 - 制造

当。。。的时候鳍管热交换器raw material inspection is carried out, and the results were satisfactory or non-conformities were closed by remedial action, then the鳍管热交换器manufacturer will start fabrication.

第三方检查员检查了以下几点鳍管热交换器based on the inspection and test plan (ITP), which has already been agreed upon between the purchaser and the鳍管热交换器制造商。

The inspection scope is determined in the ITP. Some purchasers prefer to have stringent controls and assign the TPI for more “hold or witness points” for inspection and test activities, and some others prefer less “hold or witness points” and assign the TPI much more work in the “review document.”


For more detail, review the Inspection and Test Plan for鳍管热交换器文章。本文中有ITP草案,我们认为这是最佳实践鳍管热交换器inspection.

第三方检查鳍管热交换器 beplay体育官网电脑- 焊接准备

The third party inspector carries out the visual and dimensional check to ensure compliance with WPS and other specifications. Where specified, weld bevels are examined by the required code method after grinding/machining.

It is necessary that the edges and weld bevels are clean, dry and free from surface defects, laminations, cracks, voids, notches, etc.

They are causes for rejection unless suitable/satisfactory remedial action can be taken.


Fabrication tolerances and requirement are controlled as per API 661 Clause 9.

If the third party inspector is not in the hold or witness point in the ITP for this inspection stage, then he/she will review the鳍管热交换器制造商质量控制报告在他/她beplay7.com即将访问或最终检查日报告。beplay体育官网电脑

第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑for Fin Tube Heat Exchanger - Fit-Up Inspection

形状和尺寸检查wi一致th the approved WPS and drawing.

Tack welds are produced using the applicable WPS conditions, and it is necessary to be visually free from defects.



第三方检查鳍管热交换器 beplay体育官网电脑- 监测焊接条件



鳍管热交换器的第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑 - 后旋转检查



同样,如果第三方检查员不在此检查阶段的ITP中持有或证人点,那么他/她将审查beplay体育官网电脑鳍管热交换器manufacturer quality control report in his/her coming visit or on the final inspection day.

第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑for Fin Tube Heat Exchanger - Inspection of Completed Weld

After completion of all welding and grinding operations, a visual examination confirms there are no harmful defects such as cracks, lack of fusion, surface porosity or exposed slag inclusions, incomplete penetration, incorrect profile of the weld, lack of leg length and overlap.



第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑for Fin Tube Heat Exchanger - Non-Destructive Examination

NDE is performed by qualified personnel by the approved techniques.

NDE技术和范围基于API 661的第10.2条和任何指示的接受标准,均基于ASME Code第VIII部分或第2条


同样,如果第三方检查员不在此检查阶段的ITP中持有或证人点,那么他/她将审查beplay体育官网电脑鳍管热交换器manufacturer quality control report in his/her coming visit or on the final inspection day.

第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑for Fin Tube Heat Exchanger - Weld Repair

The鳍管热交换器weld repairs are completed using an approved WPS method and retested accordingly.It is necessary that all repairs are approved before any post weld heat treatment is carried out.

第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑for Fin Tube Heat Exchanger - Post Weld Heat Treatment


The results of hardness tests are reviewed in accordance with the code requirements.

第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑for Fin Tube Heat Exchanger - Mock-Up Test of Tube to Tubesheet Weld


鳍管热交换器的第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑 - 管,管束,盖板,盖板,插头,插头,顶部和底部板的视觉和尺寸检查


  • 管板和挡板板,包括管孔,头部,法兰,管,法兰面部饰面。
  • 弯曲后的管,特别是在弯曲的背面。
  • 在视觉上检查鳍管,以确认鳍的类型符合合同要求,并确保组装的管在鳍区域没有损坏。在最终测试之前,必须拒绝校正或校正,这是必要的损坏管。
  • 盖板,顶部和底部板,管片,通过隔板,侧框架,管垫片,管子托管机,管支架,喷嘴和管组件组件,可移动的盖板标头型空气冷却热交换器。
  • 引擎盖,顶部和底部板,末端板,加强剂,管片,通过分区,侧框架,管垫片,管箱,管子支撑,喷嘴和管组件组装在可移动的引擎盖标头型空气冷却热交换器中。
  • Plug sheet, top and bottom plates, tubesheet, pass partition, side frame, tube spacers, tube keepers, tube supports, nozzles and tubes assembly in plug headers type air cooled heat exchanger.
  • Direction and orientation of nozzle, lugs and external, internal fittings are checked.
  • Lengths, wall thickness, straightness of header box are checked.
  • Expansion ratio of tube ends is checked. Tubes are checked for thinning after expansion.
  • U管是由没有圆周焊缝的单个长度形成的,并且扁平化不超过试管的标称OD的10%。
  • 根据需要检查垫片接触表面的管板平坦度。

同样,如果第三方检查员不在此检查阶段的ITP中持有或证人点,那么他/她将审查beplay体育官网电脑鳍管热交换器manufacturer quality control report in his/her coming visit or on the final inspection day.


Tube bundle insertion is checked as required. Cleanliness, insertion without binding, contact of tube sheet and shell flange and gasket used is confirmed.

同样,如果第三方检查员不在此检查阶段的ITP中持有或证人点,那么他/她将审查beplay体育官网电脑鳍管热交换器manufacturer quality control report in his/her coming visit or on the final inspection day.

第三方检查鳍管热交换器 beplay体育官网电脑- 风扇测试

After installation each fan is tested to ensure that it is correctly installed (correct direction of rotation) and can rotate freely without fouling any part of the surrounding structure.

同样,如果第三方检查员不在此检查阶段的ITP中持有或证人点,那么他/她将审查beplay体育官网电脑鳍管热交换器manufacturer quality control report in his/her coming visit or on the final inspection day.

鳍管热交换器的第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑 - 气动测试

The third party inspector witnesses low pressure pneumatic test for nozzle reinforcing pads, support saddles or other attachments when specified by approved low pressure pneumatic test procedure using soapy water as the indicating medium.

A minimum of 1 gauge with correct working ranges as described by the code is used.

同样,如果第三方检查员不在此检查阶段的ITP中持有或证人点,那么他/她将审查beplay体育官网电脑鳍管热交换器manufacturer quality control report in his/her coming visit or on the final inspection day.

鳍管热交换器的第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑 - 水静电测试

The third party inspector witnesses tube side hydrostatic testing, the test is done based requirements of API 661 clause 10.3 and following points is taken in account.

  • 校准状态和正确的仪表范围。至少将2个压力表附加到正在测试的项目上。
  • Adequate provision for venting of high points and draining is provided.
  • 测试压力按程序或代码指示施加,直到达到测试限制压力为止。在持有期间,进行有条理的检查泄漏。
  • 测试压力,金属和水的温度ecorded.
  • Water quality is as specified.



第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑for Fin Tube Heat Exchanger - Performance Testing

Where specified by the contract or purchase order the third party inspector witnesses a full performance test of the Air Cooled Heat Exchanger package including:

  • 气流通过交换器
  • 压降测试
  • 流程测试
  • Power consumption
  • 噪声水平测试

第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑for Fin Tube Heat Exchanger - Final Inspection

静水测试后鳍管热交换器is thoroughly drained and dried out by approved methods.


Specified post hydrostatic test NDE is completed and the heat exchanger closed.


The third party inspector rechecks nozzle, saddle and bracket locations and orientations against assembly drawings.

第三方检查鳍管热交换器 beplay体育官网电脑- 铭牌


第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑for Fin Tube Heat Exchanger - Painting and Coating Inspection

Surface preparation for painting is checked for the following points and meets the requirements of API 661 clause 11.2 by third party inspector:

  • 清洁方法(爆炸或刮擦和电线刷)
  • Preparation grades
  • 免受焊接,吹孔和其他缺陷的自由
  • D根据规格检查胶片厚度

Surface condition needs to be free from pin-holes, runs damage and other discontinuity.

鳍管热交换器的第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑 - 备件和配件

The third party inspector controls spares, tools and accessories and makes visual and dimensional inspection for materials, workmanship and quantity according to the purchase order specification and packing list.


第三方检查鳍管热交换器 beplay体育官网电脑- 报告:

The third party inspector provides an Inspection Visit Report (IVR) after each visit, as well as a final report summarizing the activities carried out during the鳍管热交换器production in accordance with the contract requirements and circulated within the time limits specified in the contract.

The report is in the format required by the client and clearly indicates final acceptance or rejection of the鳍管热交换器.

第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑for Fin Tube Heat Exchanger - Release Note

When required by the contract or purchase order, a release note is issued by the third party inspection agency and given to the manufacturer when the鳍管热交换器have been accepted.


The following points are checked by the third party inspector:

  • 鳍管热交换器的清洁度和干燥
  • Rust prevention for all machined surfaces
  • 保护所有开口和突出零件的封面
  • Packing style and suitably for overseas transportation
  • Shipping marks and other markings and notificationof welding prohibited, etc.
  • Where nitrogen purge is specified the gas pressure is checked and the presence of warning notices checked.

第三方检查beplay体育官网电脑for Fin Tube Heat Exchanger - Final Book (Dossier)


As built, drawings if required,制造商的数据报告,所有压力零件的材料证书或经认证的磨坊测试报告,Material list or map,Welder record for each seam or map,热处理记录(PWHT期间的温度时间记录图),尺寸记录,NDE records,生产测试记录/模拟测试记录,合金验证记录,(如果需要),静液压测试记录,Pneumatic test record,Hardness test record,Tube expansion record, if required,焊接热处理NDE(如果指定)铭牌或其他标记,Packing list,备件和工具清单

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